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TSurya Colors was struggling to increase brand stability and awareness in the highly competitive market. They lacked a clear digital and brand strategy, which was resulting in low engagement and product awareness.

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:Our strategy was to create a comprehensive digital and brand strategy that would increase engagement and product awareness, leading to increased brand stability. We created social media accounts and executed a digital plan to engage with users and increase awareness of the product. We also implemented digital and brand strategy promotions to build the stability of the brand.

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  • Increased brand stability and awareness through a comprehensive digital and brand strategy.
  • Achieved 150% social growth by engaging with users on social media and executing a successful digital plan.
  • Expanded product line with 9x SKU increase to offer a wider range of products to customers.
  • Successfully entered the Mangalore market to expand the brand's reach and market share
  • Leveraged influencer marketing campaigns and viral marketing efforts to attract new users and improve market position.
  • Implemented a PAN India strategy to increase brand growth and sales through e-commerce and social media promotions.
  • Developed and executed 3 successful market entry strategies to expand the brand's presence in new markets.
  • Improved customer loyalty through effective digital and brand strategy planning
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