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Image Consulting Service

Explore and learn about your own power of image and style, leverage it to the best use, while having fun doing it.

Image Creation/initial consulting

Our image consulting starts with digging into who you are, what sets you apart, what you want to communicate by your visual appearance and more.

Closet Edit wardrobe styling audit

We’ll go through your closet piece by piece to figure out what you should keep, or donate. You’ll try garments to get advice on fit, we’ll identify what the gaps are in your closet and organize in a way so you can wear everything.

Personalized outfit guide

You’ll never again have to ask yourself ‘what should I wear today?’ You’ll receive a customized outfit guide - based off of items that you currently own, love and are hanging in your closet.

We drive conversations

Engage your audience with topics that would interest them. Create a dialogue with your audience and exchange thoughts.