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Brand Consultant March 2, 2023, 6:25 p.m.

How to create an effective brand name for your product/service?

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So you’ve mustered up a new business idea, thought about a new line of products or services, have your company goals in place… but can’t think about a name. Business owners often wonder that how a mind so strong that can come up with a brilliant idea can struggle so helplessly when it comes to finalizing a brand name.

Up till now, you’ve overcome the difficult parts, e.g. the framework, technical work, supplies, recruitment, revenue, and marketing, etc. Hence, developing the perfect company or product name should be the simple part. However, every company story needs an idol, something or someone; which people can connect with. Identification will begin with your brand name.

There isn’t exactly a rulebook to stick to, when it comes to brand naming. Nonetheless, following are some guidelines which will surely come in handy while creating the ideal brand name.

  • Be apt and precise
    There is no limit to the possibility of creating new words to suit the nature of the company. Keeping that in mind, it is important to look at the most successful brands, say Google, Nike, Facebook, Pepsi, Facebook etc. All these brands are short, and have a maximum of 2-syllable word. Try keeping your brand name under 10 characters.
  • Maintain clarity
    The idea is that people identify the domain of your brand, just by hearing its name, e.g. Starbucks means coffee, Audi cars, Lakme cosmetics, etc. Just the sound and feel of your brand name needs to indicate what the brand is all about.
  • Be note-worthy
    Even if you come up with a suave and sophisticated name for your brand, but it is too hard to pronounce, it will create a hindrance between the brand and the users. The name must be catchy and memorable. If your brand name can attract two types of memory—like, a physical sensation and an emotional memory– then the brain is plausible to recall it.
  • Keep up with the trends
    In this day and era, its necessary to keep up with viral trends, as it is going to resonate with your market. Create awareness through media and other platforms, channelize them into the brand. Having said that, know where to draw the line. As today what maybe trendy, tomorrow might get outdated. You want to have a name which is going to persist for years to come.
  • Stay unique
    There are sensible reasons as to why your brand name should be unique. A clever, striking, out-of-the-box name can do wonders. When a business enters the market place, it struggles for a mindshare among the target audience. So, if it fails to grab the public eye, it becomes a lost cause. Moreover, as brand awareness grows in the target area, the brand’s very survival relies on its unique identity.
  • Captivate and appeal to your audience
    This isn’t probably the first time you’ve been advised to be more “appealing” as a company. The more vital part is to appeal to your target audience. Thus, to come up with the absolute brand name, you should first deal with whom it is that you’re trying to approach. What is their language? Their characteristics? Their age/gender? Their earnings? Their education? Their interest? Their religious perspectives? Their brand inclinations?

Think of your company name as a product itself. You have to make it sellable. It conveys the worth, the intent, and the identity of your business. Upon successfully connecting the dots between your audience and your brand name, you will attain true appeal. Therefore, select a brand name you love – along with completing all the essentials above. The name should be a constant reminder of why you pioneered your business, and propagate the aim of your business in a manner that brings delight to your audience. Click here to contact us.