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Zavaine, India's first detergent tablet and a sister brand of Triplex, South India's biggest detergent brand, needed to establish itself as a market leader and increase product awareness and sales. As the first brand consultants in India to market the product, we faced the challenge of building the brand from scratch

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As the first brand consultants in India to market Zavaine, we established it as a unique and innovative detergent brand. We positioned Zavaine as a high-quality, convenient, and eco-friendly solution for customers who value time and convenience without compromising on performance. We used a comprehensive digital strategy to increase product awareness.Our social media strategy was designed to engage with customers, promote the brand. We developed a budget roadmap to ensure that the brand's marketing efforts were cost-effective and efficient

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  • Increased engagement by 15x and brand recall by 217x through a comprehensive digital and social media strategy
  • Utilized e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart to expand product reach and drive sales, resulting in 124,299 sales in the first 3 months of executing the digital strategy
  • Expanded the brand's presence in 3 new markets, increasing brand visibility and reach
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