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Brand Consultant March 2, 2023, 6:27 p.m.

Importance of a perfect website design

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Let’s make an analogy to understand The Importance Of Website Design.

You are new in an area and want to buy groceries. You have two stores. Let’s name them Store A and Store B. You visit Store A and find that it is a mess. No product is at a particular place. Everything is scattered and it’s hard to find what you are searching for. Moreover, the products are old and are about to expire. Clearly, you don’t buy anything and now go to Store B. There you find that it has proper sections for everything, the products are brand new and the store is clean. Of course, you are impressed and will visit this store every time you need something. Store A lost a customer and Store B got a lifetime customer.

Websites are no less than stores. If your website is clean, easy to navigate and only quality content is present, you will win your customer or else there are plenty of websites offering the same thing where the customer will happily go.

A website is actually a glimpse of your brand

It reflects your culture. Whether you are an E-Commerce website or a hardware store or a multinational corporation, your website will be the first thing your potential customer will see when he searches for you. If your website is properly organised, easy to navigate, it will reflect that your brand believes in living up to date. Contrary to this, if your website is scattered, has old content which is not updated from long time, it will give an impression that your brand doesn’t care about anything. It will have a negative impression and the customer will most likely not give you any business.

Wonder why the website of all major e-commerce websites (like Amazon or Flipkart) is so well organized? The colour tone is soothing and doesn’t itches in the eyes. Because it gives a positive impression and customer tends to buy products from them due to the importance they give to website design and usability trends they follow.

Or wonder why Facebook looks so appealing and not any other social networking website? The algorithm used by Facebook arranges content in a way that attracts the users and this is the reason why an average user spends about 2-3 hrs. on Facebook. The website signifies assertiveness and fun in it.

Try comparing it with any Chinese website. The Chinese websites, especially the gaming ones are so cluttered that it makes it almost impossible to navigate. This signifies a nonchalant attitude. Users tend to not return back due to bad usability and absolutely no importance given to website design.

Several websites are there on the internet that have been not updated since ages and as a result, have little or no traffic.

So, your website design is the first thing users will notice. Keep it up to date, especially if you are very active, prominent in the market. Talk to us about how can we build a great website with the story for your business. Want to grow your business contact us.