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Brand Consultant March 2, 2023, 6:29 p.m.

Color psychology in business: how it impacts decisions

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Several factors influence the decision to buy a product. Color is one of them, according to psychologists.

Our bodies automatically respond in certain ways to specific colors. Meaning the color assortment in your marketing content will have some sway on whether the prospect will buy from you or not.

Any marketer with a keen eye for detail will take this into consideration when laying down their marketing strategy. They will look to understand the emotions evoked by different colors and try to identify what matches the message they intend to pass. Here’s how to use colors to increase the effectiveness of your marketing content and influence buyer decision:

Eliciting Excitement and Urgency

If you run a restaurant or fast-food store, the best way to stir hunger is to focus on urgency and excitement. These two set in naturally at the sight of the color red, according to psychology. It’s thought to be why Coca-Cola and the likes of KFC have so much red in their branding.

If possible, make red the most conspicuous component in your logo’s color palette, and if you need variety, mix it with yellow and orange, which are known for their noticeability.

Getting the Most Out of Gender Marketing

Gender marketing looks to spread awareness of a product and its appeal to a specific gender. Apparently, either gender is attracted to certain colors, either genetically or through societal influence. This may be swayed by their presence or absence when comparing two products or brands.

If you are keen, you may notice that top cosmetic brands use plenty of pink in their marketing and packaging. While male products often sport blue and black. Well, that’s not an impulsive trend, as women are more attracted to warm colors like pink and men to bold colors.

Attracting the Eco-Conscious

No prizes for guessing which color dominates here. Green has always been associated with environmental responsibility.It should be part of your branding if you provide an eco-friendly product. It is also thought to evoke warmth, invitation, and feelings of health and goodwill. You can use it in the health and wellness niche as well.

Giving your Brand or Product a Touch of Prestige

Traditionally linked to royalty, purple is the color elite branding experts use to give their products a touch of prestige and elegance. Gold does the same, but outdoes purple by adding a sense of power into the mix. You can use a combination of these colors on fashion products, jewelry, and other items consumed by the wealthy or people who fancy being seen as wealthy. It won’t do any harm throwing a bit of silver in there as well.


Familiarizing yourself with the psychology of colors can give you the edge on many greenhorn marketers. It can help you align your branding with your services and put you at an elevated point for easier visibility. Talk to us about building a great color for your brand on what your customers love, it’s never late, Hit us up!